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ProducersWEB Lead Gen Newsletters

ProducersWEB Lead Gen Newsletters
ProducersWEB is the leading online community for insurance and financial professionals who are looking to improve their sales strategies and learn about new products and offers.

The Problem

ProducersWEB relies on email marketing to provide their clients with quality leads. As their client base grew they needed to adjust their strategy without over-saturating their audience. They also needed their email to be mobile friendly and reach a segment of their audience that was previously either untapped or suffering through a sub par experience on their mobile devices.

The Solution

The biggest improvement this newsletter introduced to their product lineup was mobile support. The average newsletter sent out was getting mobile response from about 10% of the list. After mobile support was added that number jumped to over 50%. More than half of their audience was now able to interact with their newsletters at their leisure.

The overall design was centered mostly on content strategy. We defined specific goals for these newsletters and imposed strict guidelines on what could or couldn’t be promoted. We adjusted the layout to focus more on the ads being featured, increasing the total leads generated from less than 50 per week to over 100 in the same ammount of time.

Services at a Glance

  • Responsive Design
  • Email Newsletter Design